Newport Oregon Weather

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Newport, Oregon’s oceanic temperate climate does not generally have “very intense” temperature shifts throughout the year. The temperatures and climate are dominated by the ocean in the entire year. Hence, there is an occasional exception to the said fact specifically east winds’ coming in and temporarily bringing hot weather experienced for a few days yearly. This often takes place in the months, May and September. During summer, it does not get extremely hot in the city. It is also in this season when stimulating and invigorating daily breezes are experiences in the beaches. From the first quarter of July to the last quarter of September, there is limited rainfall.

Fall in Newport, Oregon is characterized either by grey, damp weather or warm, dry weather- or a combination of the two. Tourists will love the constantly pleasant temperatures daily until mid- October. After that, rainfall starts to come along. However, a number of years mostly remain dry until early November. By mid- November, winter signs start to appear and rains are experienced. Yearly, Newport experiences around 70’’ of rain and much of it is between the first quarter of November and last quarter of April. Warm feel is hardly experienced for so long because sunlight is fleeting till the spring comes. Moreover, snowfall occurs every year in this season. Newport winter is also characterized by freezing nights, hail, regular storms and wild winds.

In spring, Newport Oregon weather is pleasant and comfortable. Rain continually falls and the wetness is inconsistent. Temperatures start to rise in the early part of March. Summer arrives by the mid- and late parts of June. The occurrence of fog is observed any time of the year. Summer and winter fogs also occur in Newport. There are many different websites that feature current weather conditions and forecasts of Newport. Day-by-day weather warnings can also be found in such websites. All of this information is very important most especially to those vacationers who plan to come and visit this wonderful place.